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Stunning lightning photos taken during volcanic eruption

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How-To Manually Configure DoH in Firefox?

Do you want to use (or not use) DoH all the time? Use the configuration editor to configure DoH if you want to test DoH outside of a shield study. DoH support works best in Firefox 62 or newer. Shield studies will not override your manual configuration. 1] Type about:config in the location bar 2] Search for network.trr (TRR stands for Trusted Recursive Resolver – it is the DoH Endpoint used by Firefox.) 3] Change network.trr.mode to 2 to enable DoH. This will try and use DoH but will fallback to insecure DNS under some circumstances like captive portals.  (Use mode 5 to disable DoH under all circumstances.) 4] Set network.trr.uri to your DoH server. Cloudflare’s is but you can use any DoH compliant endpoint. The DNS tab on the about:networking page indicates which names were resolved using the Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) via DoH.

The simple 'finger trick' that could 'diagnose' lung cancer

Emma Norton, oncology nurse advisor at Bupa UK, is calling on people to place the nails of their index fingers together, as if making the top of a heart.

Most see a diamond-shaped gap between the nails. If this is missing, it could be a sign of “finger clubbing”, she warns.

This seemingly unusual symptom occurs in up to 35% of lung-cancer patients, according to Cancer Research UK.

“Most people with lung cancer don’t know their fingers are clubbing unless they know specifically to look out for it”, Ms Norton told HuffPost.

“The test is used by medical professionals as a partial method of confirming conditions, but you can also do the test yourself, and it only takes a few seconds.

“If you can’t see any kind of gap beneath your nail beds, this means your fingers are clubbed”.

Ms Norton recommends “sufferers” see their GP as soon as possible.

While it may be easy to panic, clubbed fingers often run in families.
What is finger clubbing?

“Clubbing” describes changes to the shape of th…

Dump Twitter and Facebook share your mobile number

Twitter admitted in a statement that email addresses and phone numbers collected “for safety or security purposes (for example, two-factor authentication) may have inadvertently been used for advertising purposes”.
Twitter would not say how many how many users were affected, but confirmed that advertisers could use the details to target adverts to audience lists provided by third-party partners. In an era of growing mistrust surrounding social media, Green believes that blurring the lines between authentication features and marketing is a serious problem.
“Convincing users to adopt 2FA systems means that social networks have to be above reproach when it comes to keeping their data private,”
Although several methods of 2FA, the fact that the vast majority of people carry smartphones SMS convenient option
Facebook’s behavior is the sort of thing that drives people away from using this very effective protection,and makes them take greater risks online,” Green said. Rights groups…

How to combine all notifications in Android with Googles new App


The Post Box application ( download ) allows you to combine all the notifications that come to you during the day, sending them at once at the selected time. Thus, you can not jerk every time the next notification arrives, but view everything at a time. It is assumed that due to this it will be possible to significantly reduce the number of user calls to their smartphones. Just install the Post Box, choose how many times a day you want to receive collections with notifications, and set a time.

How to find out the number of smartphone unlocks

Clock Unlock will show the total number of smartphone unlocks This will help the application Unlock Clock ( download ). In fact, it is just an interactive screensaver for the desktop with a counter that captures every unlock. As a result, the user will see in real time how many times a day he unlocked the smartphone, without having to switch to Digital Wellbeing. It is enough to install the application, and then install interactive wallpapers on the desktop.

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