A device that allows you to use your smartphone in the absence of any communication networks

What if you suddenly needed to make an important call, but the connection on the phone disappeared? In a modern city, this is easily fixable, but what if you are in a remote village? Or in the mountains? Of course, for such cases there are satellite phones, but they are still cumbersome and expensive to use. Fortunately, there is a solution. Not so long ago, Sonnet Labs from Toronto presented a set of devices that make it possible to use the cellular network even if it is not nearby.

The new device is a digital radio station operating in one of the long-range radio communication bands. At the same time, to connect to the radio, the smartphone does not even need Wi-Fi (although this option is provided), it is enough to connect the phone with a cable to the station, and your smartphone will again be able to make calls, as well as send text messages, pictures, videos and even GPS coordinates . At the "other end of the wire" is another mobile phone connected to another radio base station. At the same time, you should not worry about the security of the information - the data is encrypted using the AES algorithm.

The Sonnet system can be turned on automatically if there is no signal from the cellular network. In addition, Sonnet can be used as a backup point in places of natural disasters and other emergencies. The device can work in repeater mode, transferring data along a chain from one base to another until they are received by a phone with access to the network.

The range of one transmitter is approximately 5 kilometers in open terrain, 10 kilometers at elevations and about 2 kilometers in city conditions. The built-in battery lasts for 24 hours of continuous operation of the device.


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