A prototype of a phone that does not need a battery

Phone which does not need a battery for transmitting messages and calls

 was created by the engineers of the University of Washington in Seattle. The developers have attempted to create such a device before, but faced with insufficient energy from solar panels and other sources. Now they were able to solve the problem. Almost…

The basis of the phone is a microwave cavity that works without batteries and is able to transmit the vibrations created by the human voice to the nearby receiver.

Some components of the cellular, for example, the station responsible for contact with the network, had to be placed next to the phone to save energy. Since the phone receives signals from it, and then converts them into electricity, the station can not yet be removed far. In the future, developers plan to integrate the station into a Wi-Fi router installed on the telephone tower, and increase the distance.

Now the prototype has the usual buttons and a tiny screen - for the sake of saving energy it is necessary to save everything, and the quality of communication leaves much to be desired. In the immediate future, the developers plan to fix the situation, and then equip the handset with an E-ink display, which allows sending full text messages from the phone and monitoring various information. Then, if everything is normal with the power consumption, the phone will be supplied with a camera.